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"We made a decision to upgrade and enhance the security of Branson's campus. To better understand our security profile, we looked for a company that could provide us with a detailed, threat assessment designed to identify gaps in our security plans, procedures, protocols, and equipment. One of our major concerns was finding a company that could understand the unique nature of a private school and respect the traditions and history of our campus community. Our search led us to Joseph Pangaro and his company, Integra Services. Joe and his team arrived at Branson and began a thorough review of our campus. They used discretion in interviewing staff, and strived to quickly learn the unique history and nature of our school. Joe also created and led a tabletop exercise with our head of school and her security team. The Integra team was professional and the final assessment was detailed and provided a clear understanding of our strengths and weaknesses as well as a road map to mitigate those weaknesses. Joe also helped us find an integrator that could provide the equipment upgrades we wanted in our security systems. We are very pleased with the entire process and I can highly recommend Joe and his team."
David Hanson
Chief Financial and Operating Officer, Branson Campus
"We have worked with Integra Services and Lt. Pangaro in the Sachem Central School District on two separate occasions and have been extremely satisfied with both reviews. On their first visit, the team left us with a long list of recommendations through which we could harden our building security. The recommendations allowed us to provide a more safe and secure environment for our staff and students. We just completed a follow up visit, five years later, and again found Lt. Pangaro to be thoughtful, thorough and extremely knowledgable. A true expert in the field! I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt, we are a safer, more secure, district, thanks to Integra Services."
Christopher Pellettieri
Superintendent of Schools, Sachem Central School District
“Campus Safety Services at Phillips Exeter Academy was very happy to partner with Lieutenant Joe Pangaro and his team when we proactively looked to identify, assess, and implement security applications on our vast open campus. The team’s approach was to provide a risk assessment while looking at vulnerabilities from an attacker’s perspective. We felt this approach was critical when determining where our security efforts should be focused in order to provide a safe learning and working environment.”
Paul M. Gravel
Director of Campus Safety Services & Risk Management, Phillips Exeter Academy
"I highly recommend Lieutenant Joe Pangaro and his Integra Consulting and Computer Services team. They performed a thorough and comprehensive school safety and security audit five years ago and then recently returned for a follow-up visit in an effort to affirm our safety/security improvements since their original audit as well as to provide useful feedback and recommendations for additional upgrades going forward. Accordingly, we view Joe and his team as essential partners in our ongoing vigilance as they hold a "mirror up to our performance."
Dr. Craig Tice Superintendent
Fayetteville-Manlius School District Manlius NY
"Joe’s presentation was structured well, and the information was presented in bite-sized, easy-to-understand pieces. Joe is an engaging speaker and a good teacher, and he interfaced with our group easily, despite the session being over zoom. The most helpful piece of the training was a systematic, procedural presentation of how to de-escalate potentially dangerous individuals. It was nice to have Joe’s expertise and experience to fully understand what someone in crisis can and can’t do, what they’re thinking about, and how to help bring things to a safe ending. Knowing which threats to focus on in a camp setting is hard. Joe helped clarify the most important pieces when dealing with potentially dangerous people, and spoke to the specific instance of an angry or unstable person on site, whether for the first time or someone already part of the community."
Tommy Campbell
Associate Director of Programs, Johnsonburg Camp & Retreat Center
"You and your team did an excellent job. Joe is a true professional and an engaging, knowledgeable speaker. I, in particular, appreciated how Joe always kept the company’s best interest in mind when responding to questions and concerns of the staff."
Stuart Richner
President, Richner Communications, Inc.
"I thought your presentation was outstanding! I’ve been to a lot of these security seminars, but this one was the best, by far that I have ever attended, and you were one of the biggest reasons why. Your credentials are unsurpassed."
Montgomery Granger
Wyndanch Schools, NY
"I sat mesmerized through the whole class, this was phenomenal !!!! Such great stuff that people wouldn't even think about, simplicity, common sense things. I loved every moment of it. You are a natural and having been on the police force is major."
Elle Kronyak
Berkeley Springs W VA.
"I read your article for Behind the Badge and find it comes from your heart and speaks of your passion in protecting our children. It's in your words and should resonate with your readers. It isn't technical; it's in layman's terms a school administrator will understand. You are a true evangelist. The article in the autism magazine was also eye-opening. I had never thought in terms of special needs children in a school crisis situation. You addressed their issues well and gave a roadmap to teachers and administrators charged with preparing them for a mass casualty incident in their school. No stone unturned and no child left behind."
Don Scott
CEO, JPS Interoperability Solutions
“Surviving an Active Shooter and Securing your Site for Modern Threats in Places of Worship, presented by Joseph Pangaro, was an invaluable presentation illustrating and emphasizing the importance of procedures, standards and rehearsals. The presentation helped me identify weaknesses in my facility security program and provided solutions and examples for risk mitigation. Although this course was presented to security leads and representatives of various facilities, this course would be extremely beneficial for everyone in the workplace. I think this will help create a common operating picture in regards to security. I plan to pursue and coordinate either this exact lecture with Joe, or something very similar for my entire facility.”
Ricky Dumlao
Director, Facility & Maintenance
“The safety of our students and staff and the security of our schools and grounds are foremost concerns. Our collaboration with this company provided the district with a comprehensive assessment of its vulnerabilities and practical actions that the district can take that respect its primary function, to educate our children in a safe environment.”
Bernadette M. Burns
Superintendent of Schools, West Islip Schools
“Joe Pangaro and his team are trustworthy and knowledgeable. The security audit they performed for our district was thorough and included specific recommendations to help us improve our operations. I highly recommend this team to other districts seeking an unbiased perspective through the lens of a former law enforcement official.”
Donald B. Murphy
Ed. D., Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction & Technology, Hauppauge Public Schools
“They are the best, best, best! Every school staff needs this Crisis training for their staff members. This training will save lives of students and teachers and if you do it right…it might save your own life! I recommend them to everyone.”
Andrew Hardwick
Security Director, Hempstead Schools
“We have had several discussions with our staff with regards to your valuable information on security and what to look for in the schools and the community at large. We here at Ocean County Vocational Technical School appreciate your knowledge.”
Nancy Weber-Loeffert
Asst. Superintendent, Ocean County Vocational Technical School
“Joe performed a comprehensive TVRA in Spring Lake Heights shortly after my arrival as the new superintendent. His thorough analysis of both our strengths and weaknesses enabled the district to create a solid plan for securing our district. Furthermore, his interactions with staff throughout his visits made them feel confident in the recommendations contained within the TVRA. Joe’s plan allowed me to make major strides in ensuring that our school community is trained and prepared for any type of emergency situation.“
John Spalthoff
Superintendent of Schools, Spring Lake Heights Schools
“Our school has worked with Joe Pangaro over the past four years. Not only are our facilities safer as a result of the important recommendations for safety upgrades, but our staff have reported feeling safer and more confident as a result of participating in the Run, Hide, Fight training. Joe also conducted an impromptu lock down drill during school hours to assess our school’s security skills and later attended a faculty meeting to have discussion. We are grateful to him for always helping us each year and for always answering any questions or concerns.”
Jill Singleton
Head of School, All Saints Episcopal Day School
Once again, the training was really terrific. I have already had a few requests for training for more people and hope that we can fit it in our next fiscal year’s budget.
Sari Sharaby
Senior Director of Finance, USDAN Summer Camp for the Arts
“Thank you so much for your amazing presentation and training on Monday. It was extremely helpful and such an eye opener for us all. We were truly impressed with all your experience and look forward to recommending you to all of our peers and families that work in school districts.”
Amanda Alvarez
Director/Owner, Appleview ELC & Pre-School
“We attended the A+Technology & Security Safety Seminar active shooter seminar given by Joe Pangaro in 2019 and it couldn’t be more informative. The procedures they taught us were helpful and received positively by our building when we shared what we learned. We certainly will be putting these ideas into action ASAP and would definitely attend a future seminar. Thank you for having us.”
Eric Tenner
Facilities Manager & Chris Spoto, Head Custodian
“At Newsday, the safety of our employees is paramount. Given the times we live in, we wanted to provide our employees with the knowledge and training they need to recognize danger and react in the best way possible. Offering Active Intruder Awareness Training sessions with Lt. Joseph Pangaro, allowed us to do just that. Lt. Pangaro has extensive experience in this type of training. He presents in an easy to understand manner, giving employees valuable information, stressing ‘awareness and preparedness’ rather than fear.”
Tim Winter
Manager, Newsday Security
“The Security Threat Vulnerability, Risk Assessment (STVRA) that was conducted for the Sachem Central School District was incredibly beneficial to our continued focus on safety and security. Joe Pangaro and his staff brought a professional perspective and energy to the STVRA process. Our district serves over 13,000 students across 15 schools. Throughout the process Joe gave every one of our schools the attention required for the most thorough analysis. The STVRA was followed up by opportunities for district administrators to receive ongoing clarification and consultation, as well as a presentation to the Board of Education and our community. Our security practices have been much improved as a result of the audit. This team is most worthy of consideration by school districts seeking exceptional quality in the area of security analysis.”
Kenneth E. Graham
Ed. D., Superintendent of Schools, Sachem School New York
"I am delighted to recommend the services of this company, specifically Joseph Pangaro. He conducted a security assessment for our 140-acre summer camp and led several trainings for our staff. He continues to be a valuable resource to our senior staff as we reach out to him with security questions regularly. We commissioned the security assessment so that we would be informed of potential threats and vulnerabilities of our campus and to our population of students, families and other visitors. We also aimed to get actionable recommendations for improving our security strategy, infrastructure and procedures. Joe provided an extensive, thorough and informative assessment, which has become an invaluable resource to us in improving security at our facility. His training helped our staff be aware of potential threats and equipped them with strategies to avoid and address threats. The staff who attended universally praised the content and delivery. He is our go-to person for advice on security matters and has helped us work out customized solutions to our security vulnerabilities. We highly recommend these services to other camps and similar organizations, both the assessment and staff training. "
Lauren Brandt Schloss
USDAN Summer Camp For The Arts, Wheatly Heights NY