Are There Online Police Training Classes?

True Security Design - Are There Online Police Training Classes?

Since the onset of COVID-19, many things have shifted to online and remote. While law enforcement and police departments themselves cannot “work-from-home” or go remote, there are other aspects of the job that are online-friendly. One of which is online police training. Keeping your officers engaged and learning is crucial to effectively protect and serve your community. With True Security Design’s law enforcement trainings offering many remote options, you get the best training on a wide variety of topics, all with the convenience and safety of remote learning.


Our police training classes teach today’s law enforcement professionals vital skills that are needed on the job, as well as to better serve their communities. Whether you are a Patrol Officer, Detective, or a supervisor, all can benefit from our law enforcement training classes. Best of all, all these trainings are available online, eliminating the need for travel while also providing quality training. Some of the wide variety of topics that are discussed include:

  • Street interview training
  • Criminal investigation training
  • Crisis intervention training
  • Leadership classes
  • Patrol tactics
  • Sexual assault investigation training
  • And many more


Our remote police training classes are led by Lt. Joseph Pangaro, who is a highly decorated police officer that served 27 years in law enforcement. Pangaro utilizes his expertise in a wide array of areas to better educate fellow police, including his experience in patrol, detective bureau, training, and administration. Pangaro also has prepared and executed hundreds of search warrants, testified in numerous criminal court cases, acted undercover, and has experience as a hostage/crisis negotiator.


Lt. Pangaro also has a great team of trainers and educators that also work with him and the course offerings. Our team of police training educators strive to provide an engaging and meaningful lecture for every class they provide. We realize the importance of providing quality training to assist our officers in better serving their communities. If you are looking for your police force to get the best of the best in training, our police training courses led by Lt. Joseph Pangaro are the way to go.


Best of all, these classes are available all ONLINE! Our training will exceed police training requirements and leave you with valuable information to use on the job. Take a look at our upcoming police training course offerings and be sure to register for one today!