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Integra Services provides all necessary assistance to every client no matter how big or small the entity might be. We are dedicated to simplifying the E-rate application and funding process for schools, state education departments, educational service agencies, and libraries. The company has been involved with E-rate at the local, state, and national levels since the program’s inception.


In working with individual applicants, Integra Services has adopted an accounting-like approach to the E-rate application process. We work with schools and libraries much like a tax accountant would work with individuals or small businesses. We collect all necessary information from applicants, prepare all E-rate forms, serve as the first point of contact on all SLD reviews, prepare appeals if needed, and coordinate with suppliers on contract and billing issues.

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Details of Services for E-Rate Applicants

Our full year fixed fee includes, but is not limited to the following services:

  • Form Preparation (Forms 470, 471, 486, 472/473, 500)
  • Discount Rate Optimization
  • Weekly E-Rate Newsletter (Nationally Recognized Publication)
    • A powerful and easy-to-use tool to organize and analyze information pertaining to your specific entity.
    • Historical Funding Analysis for all funding years from the inception of the program to present day.
  • Technology Plan Preparation
    • The development of a technology plan is the foundation for any school’s first step in satisfying E-rate requirements.
    • E-Rate Central will develop and/or analyze the current technology plan in order to ensure compliance with the four core requirements and identify goals that constitute E-rate eligible goods and services.
  • Request for Proposal Review (RFP) and Implementation
    • E-Rate Central will advise and help develop an E-rate compliant pre-bidding process and contract compliance agenda.
    • Included in any RFP review and implementation will be a thorough review of the E-rate eligible services list.
  • Appeals & Audit Support
    • Our experience with the procedures, practices and methodology of the E-rate program and enforcement agencies, enables us to provide our clients with unmatched representation services during any selective reviews, site reviews, random USAC inquiries, or Audits.
    • E-Rate Central has written and filed appeals on behalf of its clients since the inception of the program with both the SLD and the FCC. E-Rate Central’s strategy, advice and appeal services are sought by applicants across the country.
  • Online Document Repository
    • E-Rate Central’s online document repository will assure any entity that they will be in compliance with E-rate’s rules of maintaining records.
    • You will receive your own username and password so you can review or analyze any data included in the repository.


If you are a School, Library, School District or Consortium looking to maximize your E-Rate funding or to begin applying for funds, please contact us today.

Appeals and Audit Support

If you believe you have been improperly denied E-rate funding you have options!  In the E-rate program, you can appeal any adverse decision and there are multiple levels of appeals.   If your funding has been denied, or reduced, you have missed one of the many deadlines, or if you have an adverse audit finding the experts at Integra Services can help!   


Appeals Support

E-rate applications are often denied or funding reduced. In some cases program audits result in a Funding Commitment Adjustment (COMAD) and requests to return program funds to the Administrator. All funding denials and commitment adjustments can be appealed. Applicants have the right to appeal adverse decisions of the Administrator. Integra Services has the expertise and resources to assist schools and libraries with appeals to the Administrator and Federal Communications Commission. Appeals must be submitted within 60 days of an Administrator’s decision and must be filed in a specific format. Intera Services has a proven track record of successfully overturning Administrator decisions and will fight to secure E-Rate funding for deserving applicants. 


Audit Support 

Audits are a natural part of any extensive program and help ensure that funds are being used in compliance with program rules. The E-rate program includes many different types of audits, which include Payment Quality Assurance (PQA) reviews, Agreed-Upon Procedures audits, and Investigatory audits.  These audits may be conducted by external audit firms hired by the Administrator, Administrator audit staff, or FCC Office of Inspector General auditors. Many applicants that face these types of reviews may be doing so for the first time and could use the assistance of seasoned professionals.   Our experience with the procedures, practices and methodologies of the E-rate program and enforcement agencies, enables us to provide our clients with unmatched representation services during any audit or review by the Administrator or the FCC.   

State Level Services

Integra Services has experience representing the interests at the state level and is the current E-rate Coordinator for 6 states (New York, Nevada, North Carolina, Louisiana, Michigan, New Mexico and Virginia). As part of our service, we

  • Collaborate with your DOE to provide state level support.
    • Assist the DOE in preparation of reports for state, county and local officials.
    • Coordinate requests from USAC regarding student eligibility and entity validation.
  • File statewide consortia applications
    • Serve as the point of contact for SLD reviews.
    • Monitor PIA response deadlines to ensure requests for information are fulfilled timely.
  • Represent your state’s interests in the State E-rate Coordinators Alliance and/or the American Library Association which includes:
    • Participation in weekly calls with USAC and/or the FCC.
    • Attending the National SECA or ALA meetings.
  • Create and conduct E-rate training’s tailored to your state. 
  • Provide a weekly newsletter containing information about important program updates. 
  • Monitor FCC decisions and the potential ramifications.
  • Notify applicants of upcoming deadlines.
  • Prepare and submit FCC filings on E-rate issues. 
  • Review current procurements and guide future procurements to ensure program compliance with E-rate’s complex competitive bidding rules.
  • Escalate important issues to the appropriate USAC and/or FCC staff.
  • Provide individual applicant “help desk” support in responding to individual questions via email or phone.