School Services

School Training

Integra Services School Training teaches today’s modern professionals vital skills through courses designed to engage and empower its participants. The goal is to transform security training from the tiresome requirement it has too often become into engaging and productive learning through interactive sessions and real-life, role-playing exercises.

Who Benefits:

STAFF – When students and staff are in immediate danger there is not much time to respond before the event could become tragic. The staff members on the front line need to have skills to assess, contain, and diffuse the situation, providing a safer outcome.


STUDENTS – Will have a better understanding of what to do in a crisis situation and how to handle themselves to ensure their safety and help those around them.


PARENTS – Gain peace of mind knowing their children are in a building that has taken the proper precautions to ensure safety during crises and external threats.

“Our collaboration with Integra Services provided the district with a comprehensive assessment of its vulnerabilities and practical actions that the district can take that respect its primary function, to educate our children in a safe environment.”

"Thank you so much for your amazing presentation and training on Anti-Vaping. It was extremely helpful and such an eye-opener for us all. We were truly impressed with all your experience."

Introducing the Anti-Vaping Bundle!

With the Anti-Vaping Bundle, schools get crucial resources for students, staff, and parents to keep everyone informed on the dangers of vaping and to keep vaping out of schools.