Protect Your School from All Possible Crises and Threats

Plan & Prepare: Securing Your School District Against Modern Threats

The modern school system must create an environment that not only allows for a positive learning atmosphere for its students and staff; it must also ensure that it is as safe as it can be for everyone. We must understand the potential threats to safety and security and know how to recognize and react to them. This course covers topics designed to prepare your district for these threats such as:

  • Security standards for your facility
  • Current technology and how it is used
  • Best practice procedures
  • Changing the culture to a security mindset
  • Working with the students and parents
  • The “internal” threat
  • The “external” threat
  • Properly performing drills

"Joe conducted an impromptu lockdown drill during school hours to assess our school’s security skills and later attended a faculty meeting to have a discussion. We are grateful to him for always helping us each year and for always answering any questions or concerns.”

Crisis in the Classroom / De-Escalation

Crises are often unexpected events. A crisis event can be brought on by a student, parent or other family member, staff member or intruder. Unfortunately, it is often our students that are the ones in crisis and threatening violence to other students or school staff. The early recognition that a potential crisis is imminent can lead to effective action and prevent or at least reduce its impact. Every day teachers, classroom aides, and administrators are called upon to intervene in crises which may become dangerous if not de-escalated properly.


The Crisis In The Classroom course will teach you how to:

  • Be able to define a crisis, de-escalate and understand a person in crisis
  • Control your emotions during a crisis (staying calm)
  • Influence and communicate with a person in crisis
  • Diffuse and resolve a crisis situation effectively

When students and staff are in immediate danger and the school “Crisis Team” does not have time to respond before the event becomes tragic, the staff member on the front line needs to have skills to assess, contain and diffuse the situation providing the opportunity for a safer outcome.

“Integra Services is the best, best, best! Every school staff needs this Crisis training for their staff members. This training will save the lives of students and teachers and if you do it right… it might save your own life! I recommend them to everyone.”

Conducting Proper Investigations in Schools

School Districts must be prepared to conduct fair, thorough, complete, and uniform investigations of all complaints, accidents, and allegations of inappropriate, unprofessional, or criminal behavior that is observed or alleged.


It is imperative that each school in your district perform investigations in a uniform manner following a clearly defined district policy. Lawsuits often focus on the continuity and quality of employer investigations and the skills of those who conduct them.


All investigations must be conducted in a similar manner across the district, no matter what investigator is conducting the investigation.


This course explains the fundamentals of planning and conducting proper investigations. It provides essential skill training for personnel that is assigned to conduct or assist with an investigation of a student or employee complaint, accident, or allegation of law or policy violation.


When handled properly, the investigation will reveal:

  • The truth of an incident,
  • Identify accused, victims and witnesses,
  • Identify evidence and establish a chain of custody
  • Provide your personnel with a solid road map for court proceedings and
  • It can help your organization to prevent or reduce financial losses, employee morale problems, and negative publicity. It can also limit the organization’s exposure to costly litigation.

Campus Safety After Hours

This program helps schools evaluate how their schools are used after hours and on weekends and how to secure the schools during these times to prevent violence and vandalism to school property.
This program offers in-depth suggestions for securing the school and school property while safeguarding lives.

Security Guard Training

This program is designed to help the school security guard team evaluate their practices and skills as it relates to school safety and violence prevention. We can evaluate the current system in place in any district and provide a clear insight into the efficiency of a security guard team and offer ways to improve how they operate. We can also assess their level of training and provide updates and best practices for securing any environment.

Cyberbullying and Harassment

This 2-hour program is for students 6-12 grade. The program covers the many aspects of bullying that affect the victim and the bully. State laws and consequences are covered as well as the dangers of the world of social media and the internet. Combining real-life stories of young people affected by cyberbullying, this program offers the attendees an alternative to bullying; that alternative is the power of Kindness.