Combat the Vaping Epidemic Head-On

The Dangers of Vaping

Dangers of Vaping course is available in 3 different offerings: for students, school administrators or parents.

  • Identifying the signs of vaping and the equipment used
  • The types of substances found in vaping products
  • The health risks of vaping
  • The consequences for students vaping in schools
  • The legal consequences for students

“Joe Pangaro and his team are trustworthy and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Integra Services to other districts seeking an unbiased perspective through the lens of a former law enforcement official.”

Developing Policy

Developing Policy course will help school district leadership create a policy on student use or possession of vaping products and paraphernalia. School officials will understand the important elements of a solid policy that will withstand court scrutiny and create a healthy school environment.

  • Define what using and possessing vaping products and paraphernalia covers
  • Define improper and or illegal activities by students
  • Define the school districts investigative response to a report of a student possessing or using a vaping product on school property
  • Define the potential consequences for students possessing or using vaping products or paraphernalia on school property
  • Define how the policy will be made known to student and their parents/guardians
  • Attendees will receive a “model” policy to get started

“We have had several discussions with our staff with regards to your valuable information and what to look for in the schools and the community at large. We here at Ocean County Vocational Technical School appreciate your knowledge.”

Conducting Proper Investigations

Conducting Proper Investigations course walks through how to properly carry out an investigation when a student is discovered vaping in school.

  • Identification and evidence gathering
  • Interview process including de-escalation techniques
  • Address in-house or through law enforcement
  • Aftermath and follow-up; remediation
  • Confidential sources and reporting

"Once again, the training was really terrific. I have already had a few requests for training for more people and hope that we can fit it in our next fiscal year’s budget."