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Available for schools, camps, business organizations, nonprofits, financial companies, and more!
Protect Your School
Turn the traditional tiresome training into engaging and productive learning through interactive sessions and real-life, role-playing exercises.
Protect Your Business
Our programs are designed to cover the topics required by law, courses to keep employees safe at work as well as topics that will help your people excel, advance, and become leaders in your workplace.
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E-Rate Consulting Services

The E-rate Program and its attendant processes can often be confusing and frustrating. A failure to comply with the ever-changing array of rules can jeopardize your organization’s entitlement to much-needed discounts on eligible equipment and services. A consultant can help you to navigate this regulatory minefield to reduce risk and maximize funding opportunities.

As hybrid and digital learning models have become the standard, school districts must anticipate and embrace rapid advancements in educational technology and the concomitant demand for increased bandwidth. As such, they must understand how to best leverage the E-rate Program to help achieve their technology objectives efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. In that vein, IT and telecommunications procurement decisions must be calculated and driven by long-term necessity rather than hasty, short-term gap-filling measures.

Service Assessment

Planning for the Future
The first step is for us to understand where your organization is today and where you want to be. There is no cost for this analysis and the information gathered is used to define our engagement.

Special Reviews and Appeals

Regulatory Expertise
Our staff has vast experience in handling audits, appeals, and local and state compliance reviews. Since these cases can be complex and often span multiple funding years, we will customize our engagement to fit the needs of your specific situation.

E-Rate Compliance

Turnkey Process Management Solution
Our account team will handle the entire E-rate application process from start to finish. We will review each step with your team and provide copies of the requisite documentation for your retention.

Vendor Management

Limiting the Rhetoric
Let’s face it, school district personnel often face an inevitable onslaught of vendor solicitations. Our consultants will provide you with the insight necessary to independently select the most appropriate solutions.

“Lieutenant Pangaro’s knowledge of the subjects, his hands-on, real-world work experience in applying the techniques and concepts along with the passion and conviction with which he presented it was exceptional. He is a very polished and dynamic instructor. In short, we are very happy with him and his work product. We look forward to working with him and your company well into the future.”
William E. Steck
Director Field Services Division – Connecticut Police Academy

School & Camp Centric Services

At Integra Services, we consider the unique needs of your school and camp communities. We offer on-demand video training rental bundles for school administrators and staff to help keep their students safe. With a variety of topics ranging from classroom crises to anti-vaping training, students, staff, and parents can all benefit from receiving quality training videos on their own time. Our training and threat assessments empower your staff and help you create a safe, secure, and welcoming environment for your students, staff, and visitors.

"We commissioned the security assessment so that we would be informed of potential threats and vulnerabilities of our campus and to our population of students, families and other visitors. Joe provided an extensive, thorough and informative assessment, which has become an invaluable resource to us in improving security at our facility."
Lauren Brandt Schloss
USDAN Summer Camp For The Arts, Wheatly Heights NY
“The safety of our students and staff and the security of our schools and grounds are foremost concerns. Our collaboration with True Security Design provided the district with a comprehensive assessment of its vulnerabilities, and practical actions that the district can take that respects its primary function, to educate our children in a safe environment.”
Bernadette M. Burns
Superintendent Of Schools, West Islip Schools

Services Designed to Help Any Organization

Integra Services is a comprehensive provider of all safety, security, and investigative needs for your organization. TSD Training is now offering programs for all of your employees; executives, administrators, supervisors, clerical, and line workers. Our programs are designed to cover the topics required by law, courses to keep employees safe at work as well as topics that will help your people excel, advance, and become leaders in your workplace. Our live programs are presented with the student in mind; the instructor is an experienced presenter combining fun, a passion for the topics, and an understanding of how people learn.

"You and your team did an excellent job. Joe is a true professional and an engaging, knowledgeable speaker. I, in particular, appreciated how Joe always kept the company’s best interest in mind when responding to questions and concerns of the staff."
Stuart Richner
President, Richner Communications, Inc.

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