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Security Services

Integra Services is now offering programs for all of your employees; executives, administrators, supervisors, clerical, and line workers. Our programs are designed to cover the topics required by law, courses to keep employees safe at work as well as topics that will help your people excel, advance, and become leaders in your workplace. Our live programs are presented with the student in mind; the instructor is an experienced presenter combining fun, a passion for the topics, and an understanding of how people learn.

Who Benefits:

EMPLOYEES – Will have a better understanding of what to do in a crisis situation and how to handle themselves to ensure their safety and help those around them.


EXECUTIVES – Being a part of the training can provide higher-ups with more insight into the current status of security at their organization and be fully aware of all security protocols.


ORGANIZATION – Having the proper protocols and security training policies in place can help limit your insurance liabilities. 

"My entire staff and I enjoyed your training tremendously. The guys keep asking to have you back next year. You made the topics, exciting and engaging for the entire staff."

"He conducted a security assessment for our 140-acre summer camp and led several trainings for our staff. He continues to be a valuable resource to our senior staff as we reach out to him with security questions regularly. His training helped our staff be aware of potential threats and equipped them with strategies to avoid and address threats. The staff who attended universally praised the content and delivery. He is our go-to person for advice on security matters and has helped us work out customized solutions to our security vulnerabilities."

We have experience providing services for...

True Security Design - school


True Security Design - office


True Security Design - worship

Houses of Worship

True Security Design - camps

Summer Camps