True Security Design Launches SIMTactics Emergency Simulation Training for School Security and Law Enforcement

Electronic Tabletop Risk Assessments Provide Critical Evaluations to Better Prepare School Security Teams and Police for Real-Life Emergencies

BAY SHORE, NY | June 2, 2022: True Security Design today launched SIMTactics, an interactive emergency simulation training program for School Security and Law Enforcement. The training involves electronic tabletop risk assessments to provide critical evaluations of organizations’ existing training plans for emergencies such as active shooters, natural disasters, and weather-related events, as well as other types of emergencies.

With SIMTactics state-of-the-art crisis simulation software, an organization’s leadership team, security personnel, and staff engage in potential crises and react to them in simulated real-time. Upon completion, the program generates analytics with a detailed analysis of the participant’s actual responses vs the expected responses, allowing the organization to identify gaps in their emergency plans or in other areas of risk.

“Our tabletop assessment exercises are designed with the elements of realism, stress, and a timeline to present participants with a real picture of their readiness to respond to an emergency event,” said, Lt. Joseph Pangaro, Director of Global Training and Security Consulting at True Security Design. “To dig deeper and learn why individuals react the way they do is a crucial step in assessing risks in order to create effective emergency plans and we are proud to work with School Security teams and Law Enforcement in an effort to better prepare and protect our citizens.”

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