Uvalde and Nashville: Lessons Learned in Prevention, Emergency Response, and Recovery

Each incident of school violence and subsequent response is filled with lessons and we must use what we learn to make changes that mitigate harm.


Since the horrific school shooting attack on Robb Elementary in May of 2022, we have learned a great deal about problems with the school’s security profile and the police response to the violence. We have also seen additional school attacks across the U.S., including the devastating attack on the Covenant School in Nashville, that we must learn from in order to prevent similar occurrences.

This free webinar will look at the two events and draw conclusions regarding the need to be prepared, have strong policies in place, and practice response tactics.

Lessons learned only have value if we see them clearly and we act on what they have to tell us. In this program, we will talk about the importance of:

  • Ensuring your equipment and hardware are in good working order
  • Creating a relationship with law enforcement that builds a stronger security profile
  • Updating policies and procedures to ensure the best chance of preventing or limiting injuries
  • Preparing for the aftermath of an incident
  • Understanding liability and how to limit it

All of these items and more have to be understood and addressed if we are to truly make our schools safer.